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      Doctor Who — Seventh Doctor

      We'd Love to See Your Photos of the Doctor Who Experience

      She might be in the process of being upgraded, but we're still very jealous of YouTuber, Caroline Lie, who worked at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff! The exhibition had a great array of monsters, including the Silence and their Time Ship, Daleks from every era, and the original Ice Warrior costume worn by Bernard Bresslaw in 1967.

      If you've visited the Doctor Who Experience, we'd love to see photos of you facing up to the Doctor's greatest foes. Some of our popular products were also available in the Doctor Who Experience Shop like the Seventh Doctor Sweater, Fourth Doctor Tie, and The Pandorica Opens Scarf

      Blue Peter Celebrated Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary in Style

      When Blue Peter teamed up with the Doctor Who production crew once again, viewers got the chance to design gadgets used by Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax – better known as the Paternoster Gang – for Series 8. The judging panel included showrunner, Steven Moffat; designer, Michael Pickwoad; brand manager, Edward Russell; and CBBC presenter, Chris Johnson.

      Doctor Who Magazine writers might recognise Chris as being part of their regular Time Team feature – and to prove his credentials on Blue Peter, he proudly wore our Seventh Doctor Jumper! Sadly, he didn't accompany it with the Seventh Doctor Hanky, or Silk Paisley Scarf.

      Chris was on hand during the magazine show's 50th anniversary party, in which Matt Smith answered a few viewers' questions, and the team created Dalek cupcakes. The eventual winners were Connor (13) from Somerset, Arthur (11) from Hampshire, and Amber (7) from Kent, who designed a Sonic Gauntlet for Jenny, Sonic Lorgnette for Strax, and Sonic Hat Pin for Vastra, respectively.

      These all appeared in Peter Capaldi's debut episode, Deep Breath.

      Doctor Who Merchandise: We Love the Official Cookbook

      Tired of snacking on Jelly Babies? Can't stomach another visit to the Kandy Kitchen? Fed up of Jammie Dodgers? Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook is the perfect book for you.

      Written by Joanna Farrow (200 Cupcakes; Dress Your Gingerbread), this hardback from BBC Books contains recipes for 40 Doctor Who-inspired treats, including Ood Head Bread, Kookie K9, and – sure to be fattening but delicious – Adipose Pavlova!

      Or you can wrap yourself up in our Pandorica Opens Scarf and tuck into some fish fingers and custard…

      Grab a chance to win a FREE Doctor Who product. Click here to participate


      Sneak Peek: Doctor Who Scarves, Tie and Hanky Coming This Fortnight!

      We're very pleased to share with you detailed images of the four Doctor Who products to be released in the next fortnight.

      Based on the painting by Vincent van Gogh in the two-part Series 5 finale, The Pandorica Opens is a stunning design that we instantly fell in love with - and that's why we decided to display it in all its glory on a 100% Pure Silk Scarf! We're sure you'll agree that it's eye-catching, memorable, and recognisably Who!

      It comes in a presentation box adorned with Doctor Who and BBC logos, and is priced £29.99 and with free UK delivery.

      We may be embracing the Eleventh Doctor era, but we can't forget both the show's history, and our own past, which is why we're releasing a Shorter Fourth Doctor Scarf (£24.99). It's the same colours in the same pattern, just in a more manageable size. The look is as synonymous with Doctor Who as the TARDIS, the Daleks, and K9, so you can display your allegiance with pride wherever you go.

      And because it's still made of 100% premium-quality Acrylic, it'll keep you nice and toasty during the Winter while you wander around the shops, or watch the Doctor's latest adventures in time and space. (Don't forget to check out our Doctor Who blog for regular previews and reviews of Series 9!)

      Mind you, a scarf might look cumbersome in the office, no matter its length. So why not check out the Fourth Doctor Knitted Tie (£24.99)? It's exclusively-designed by Lovarzi, and made in Italy from 50% Wool and 50% Acrylic.

      If you're a fan of Tom Baker's incarnation of the Time Lord, this tie is a perfect companion to a snazzy shirt or snappy suit.

      Finally, you asked for it, so we made it: the Seventh Doctor Hanky (£24.99) is made with collectors and cosplayers in mind.

      Anyone modelling their look on Sylvester McCoy's Doctor needs a special something to finish off the unique style - and this is it! In 1987, the BBC purchased around 20 red hankies to tie around the Seventh Doctor's hat, its design intricate and beautiful. Frankly, the Doctor would look odd without it!

      Our screen-accurate hanky is digitally-printed in Italy, so we can get that accurate detail, emblazoned on 100% Pure Cotton.

      All of these products will be available to pre-order over the next fortnight, and as ever, we look forward to hearing from fans (and seeing your photos) on our Facebook profile and Twitter feed.