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      Doctor Who — Christopher Eccleston

      Doctor Who Author Charlie Higson Wraps Up Warm in Official Fourth Doctor Scarf

      On 12th November 2013, Charlie Higson presented a very special free interactive webcast, aimed at encouraging children's love of books. And he did it in the most stylish way possible: wearing our best-selling Fourth Doctor Scarf!

      Organised by Puffin, Charlie introduced fellow novelists, Malorie Blackman, Eoin Colfer, Marcus Sedgwick, and Neil Gaiman (The Doctor's Wife), all of whom had written short stories, released one a month during 2013, as part of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary celebrations.

      Higson is best known as a comedian and writer responsible for such book series as Young Bond, and The Enemy, and TV shows like Jekyll and Hyde, and The Fast Show; his Ninth Doctor story, The Beast of Babylon explores what made Christopher Eccleston's incarnation of the Doctor come back to pick up Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) back in 2005.