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      Doctor Who — Eleventh Doctor

      Liverpool's SuperLambBanana Gets the Tom Baker Makeover!

      For Liverpool's year as the Capital of Culture, replicas of SuperLambBanana, the city's iconic bright yellow sculpture, were scattered across the surrounding area, each a unique design; the charitable scheme was then revived in 2010, 2013, and 2014 – and one was, naturally, dedicated to the Fourth Doctor!

      With his trusty sonic screwdriver and our Fourth Doctor Season 12 Scarf, this SuperLambBanana proudly protected the city's Spaceport from Daleks, Weeping Angels, and… Delta and the Baaaaannermen. (Sorry.)

      We also love Alan Murray's Starry Sunflower design, a tribute to Vincent van Gogh, who the Doctor and Amy Pond met in 2010's Vincent and the Doctor – and who inspired our Pandorica Opens Scarf! Check out all the original SuperLambBananas at the Liverpool Echo.

      We'd Love to See Your Photos of the Doctor Who Experience

      She might be in the process of being upgraded, but we're still very jealous of YouTuber, Caroline Lie, who worked at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff! The exhibition had a great array of monsters, including the Silence and their Time Ship, Daleks from every era, and the original Ice Warrior costume worn by Bernard Bresslaw in 1967.

      If you've visited the Doctor Who Experience, we'd love to see photos of you facing up to the Doctor's greatest foes. Some of our popular products were also available in the Doctor Who Experience Shop like the Seventh Doctor Sweater, Fourth Doctor Tie, and The Pandorica Opens Scarf

      The Perfect Vehicle for An Adventure in Space and Time!

      Until we manage to grow ourselves a TARDIS, we're more than happy to make do with this great car, stylishly adorned with Gallifreyan!

      This snazzy theme incorporates the Doctor's name on the bonnet, as seen in A Good Man Goes to War, and if you've pimped your ride with a Doctor Who design, we'd love to see it! Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

      Just remember: wherever you go, take the Doctor with you. And maybe a  TARDIS Doctor Who folding umbrella too…

      Geronimo: Check Out This Awesome Eleventh Doctor and Clara Car!

      It's not a patch on the Third Doctor's faithful vehicle, Bessie, but we still think this awesome Doctor Who painting on the bonnet of a BMW is perfect for showing off your allegiance to a certain bow-tie-wearing alien and his Impossible Girl!

      It might not be a Type 40TT TARDIS either, but we reckon this car is the next best thing.

      Just don't use our Pandorica Opens Scarf to polish it!

      Check Out This Great Cosplay at the Doctor Who Experience!

      We love this great photo of Katherine O'Connell, complete with bow tie and fez – and being menaced by a Cyberman!

      It doesn't matter if you're a new fan or if you've been an avid viewer since 1963: the Doctor Who Experience is the perfect place to spend the day. You can see sets, props, and original monsters across two floors, as well as taking a trip in the TARDIS!

      If you feel brave enough to pose alongside any monsters – including the latest additions, restored by Mike Tucker and his Model Unit, like a Tetrap (Time and the Rani), Mandrel (Nightmare of Eden), and the renegade Time Lord, Morbius (The Brain of Morbius) – we'd love to see your photos,  or share on our Facebook