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      Scarves are the ideal accessory.

      Many people think scarves exist merely to keep our necks cosy in the winter – and yes, they still do a great job at that – but now scarves can be fashioned all year round, all hours of the day.

      Whether you’re popping out to do some Christmas shopping, heading to a friend’s house for a summer BBQ, dressing up for graduation or celebrating at a wedding, there’s a scarf for you. We have a large variety of fabrics to choose from, including viscose (link), silk (link), and even cashmere (link), as well as a large selection of patterns and colours to suit the most refined taste. Even better, there are so many different ways to style and tie your scarf around your neck and shoulders; you can achieve a full wardrobe makeover just by simply learning to tie your scarf a little differently.

      Plus, they’re all super easy to achieve and they look great. Find the perfect style for you by watching our step-by-step scarf tying video below! Our personal favourite is the ‘Twist & Knot’ (you’ll find it at 1:13!)

      If you try out any of these scarf styles yourself, don’t forget to tag us on Twitter and Instagram with #LovarziStyle and we’ll share our favourites!

      If you have any other queries, please feel free to drop us an email at on or call us on 08456529519