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      Cashmere is a luxurious product, and is therefore highly delicate when it comes to washing. We would recommend never placing a cashmere item in the tumble dryer, as hot temperatures can ruin the delicate fabric, causing it to shrink or expand.

      We would recommend washing your cashmere by hand. However, many modern washing machines have specific settings suitable for wool, and will wash your items in cool water without problem. If you choose to do this, we would suggest not using fabric conditioner, and ensuring that you place your cashmere in a laundry bag with similar coloured knits first.

      Recommended: Wash Your Cashmere By Hand

      • Prepare your washbasin by filling it with lukewarm water (around 29C/85F works best) and a small amount of a gentle, low-alkaline detergent. The higher the alkaline content, the harsher the product, so even baby shampoo can be an effective detergent for cashmere products. Do not wash your garment under running water, as this could stretch the fabric.
      • Start with your lightest coloured garments to avoid any colour transfer. Place the item into the water, and use your hand to gently swirl the item in a circular motion around in the water. Don’t pull, stretch, or rub the fabric against itself, as this could change the garment’s shape and cause pilling. If your garments just need freshening up, swirling the product in the water for around 3 minutes should work fine. However, it takes around 5 minutes to remove 98% of dirt when hand-washing, so if your products need a slightly deeper clean, swirl in the water for around 5-7 minutes.
      • Create a loose ball with the garment and gently press it against the side of the basin to remove as much excess water as possible. Do not wring it out – this can actually be harsher on the garment than placing it in the washing machine or under running water.
      • Place a clean, light-coloured towel on a flat surface that is large enough to accommodate your garment. Lay your item onto the towel and gentle smooth out any wrinkles or creases. Starting at the top, roll the garment and the towel together, pressing down on the roll to help the towel absorb the remaining the water. Unroll the towel and the garment, and if the garment is still wet, repeat this process with a dry towel.
      • Place your garment on a drying rack until completely dry. Try and avoid placing your items in direct sunlight or near a hot radiator, as this can also affect the colour and sizing of the cashmere. If you’re washing a jumper or top with long sleeves, arrange it so that there is space between the sleeves and the body.

      Using our step-by-step guide on how to wash cashmere will ensure you keep your cashmere feeling super soft and looking brand new. If you'd like more information on what cashmere is (link), please follow the former link. Or, if you have any other questions about cashmere care, please feel free to email us at or call us on 08456529519