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      Allow us to set the scene; it’s an icy winter morning and you’ve opened all the curtains in the hope of seeing daylight, but even the sun hasn’t got up yet. You make yourself a hot drink, and before you know it, it’s time to leave the house.

      We know that you don’t always have time to fashion your winter scarf into an elaborate knot before work, so we’ve discovered a few ways to spruce up your wardrobe by simply learning to tie your winter scarf a little differently. To keep yourself warm, we'd opt for cashmere scarves (link) and wool scarves (link) for the ultimate in luxury and combating the cold.

      Our first favourite is the ‘Slip Knot’, as it’s ideal for heading to work. Place the scarf around your neck, so that both sides drape over your shoulders. Make sure that one side hangs slightly lower than the other, and then begin to twist as though it were a tie. The result is a cool, modern twist on the traditional way of styling a scarf that’ll be sure to keep you warm and smart.

      Maybe it’s the weekend, and you’re heading out to do some Christmas shopping? If that’s the case, the ‘Casual Swing’ is ideal. Begin as though you were opting for the European Loop, by folding the scarf in half and creating a loop on one side. Instead of feeding the rest of the garment through the loop, take only one of the two hanging pieces and push it through. Then, twist the loop 180 degrees round, and feed the second section through the loop that creates. You’re left with a gorgeously intricate scarf, without the hassle!

      If you’re heading to outdoor an event and you want to be stylish and warm, then the ‘Ascot Knot’ is the perfect style for you. Begin as normal, placing the scarf on the back of your neck with both sides draped on either shoulder. Take one side, and place it over the other, making sure it is flat against you. Then, fold it underneath the loop that’s formed below your neck and position so that both of the draping sections of scarf are facing towards the floor. This looks great with patterned scarves, as it allows for the pattern to be fully portrayed.

      Those designs and plenty more can be found in the video above, which shows super easy ways of tying your scarf in the winter. They all take less than a minute to achieve and are all so different – you’ll be able to create endless styles from your scarves this winter!