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      Summer 2015 would not be complete without one of this season’s most fashion-forward trends: the summer scarf.

      To style, layer silk scarves over lightweight pieces to create the perfect summer outfit; ideal for graduation and wedding ceremonies, trips to the seaside and summer evenings with friends. Team a silk paisley scarf(link) over a plain dress for added chic in the daytime, or wear our heart-designed modal scarf(link) with a loose v-neck tee and jeans for a cool, off-duty vibe.

      How Do I Wear A Scarf in Summer? S/S catwalks have displayed three popular ways to wear your scarf this summer. The first one, which is perfect for adding a masculine vibe to an outfit, includes tying your scarf laterally and leaving the tails to drape freely beside you. You could also wind the scarf several times around your neck and close it with a knot to create a summertime Parisian effect. Lastly, if you’re a fan of the popular 70’s trend, you can achieve that silky ‘choker’ look by looping the scarf around your neck and concealing the knot.

      Alternatively, watch the video below for some beautiful and unique ideas on tying your scarf this summer. Our favourite is the kimono shawl – perfect for the beach!

       Did you know we have our own summer scarf collection? Shop here! (link)

      The trick is – there is no wrong way to tie a scarf in summer.

      If none of these styles are you, then consider tying a colourful scarf around your handbag or a straw hat to add some intrigue into an outfit. Or, use silky pashminas as decorative head pieces; scarves can be fashioned into turbans, headbands and hair-ties for a glamorous and fuss-free updo!