Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) Shorter Scarf - Official BBC Licensed Doctor Who Scarf


Our exclusively-designed Fourth Doctor Scarf... In a more manageable size! !

Our original Fourth Doctor Scarf remains a bestseller, but we know some of you like to keep that just for conventions. That's why we've made this shorter version: perfect to show off your fan credentials on a daily basis and remind you to keep with you a teaspoon and an open mind!

It's still made of 100% premium quality Acrylic yarn and comes in a special carry-case. It's still that iconic design, capturing the liveliness of Tom Baker's Time Lord. It's just shorter, so you can feel close to the world's longest-running sci-fi TV series whether you're on Skaro, Karn, Pluto, or plain old Earth!

    • 25 x 200 Cms
    • Made from good quality knitted Acrylic, so it's warm and soft
    • Comes complete in a zipper carry case

90 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Not 100% happy? Our 90-day money-back guarantee means you can send it back and get a full refund – no questions asked!

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