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      Limited Edition Sherlock Scarf - Only 65 Units

      Looking for an extra special Christmas present for a dedicated Sherlock fan? Or searching for a piece de resistance to add to your own growing display of Consulting Detective collectables? We have the perfect solution: an officially-licensed Sherlock wool scarf- limited to only 65 units!

      The original Graffiti Wool Sherlock Scarf was released in 2014, and proved an instant hit; this new variant comes with the smiley graffiti embroidered in yellow on one end. The graffiti adorns the living room of 221B Baker Street, and was the victim of the trigger-happy Holmes in Sherlock: The Great Game (2010).

      If you want one of these 100% wool scarves, you'll have to be quick: only 65 are being made! Each comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity by us(Lovarzi).

      These will be presented in a black gift box, emblazoned with the Sherlock logo, so you can either wear it with pride or keep it as a collector's item.

      The pure wool scarf is finished off with the "221B" insignia, which has been a staple of Holmes fiction since Arthur Conan Doyle's original novels and short stories.

      We are the sole UK company licensed by Hartswood Films, in partnership with BBC Worldwide, to produce scarves and umbrellas based on the critically-acclaimed primetime show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson respectively.

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      Hurry! first 25 orders also get FREE 221B leather keyring.

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      THE GAME IS ON: Stay Warm and Dry with SHERLOCK Umbrellas and Moriarty Scarf!

      Sherlock Skyline Umbrella

      To celebrate the new Sherlock special coming to screens this Christmastime, we are releasing three new items to keep you warm and dry this winter.

      Two umbrellas and a pure silk scarf, perfect for all geniuses, will be available to pre-order over the next fortnight.

      We launched our Sherlock range last year, in partnership with BBC Worldwide, with stylish scarves that pay homage to the Great Detective and his home at 221B Baker Street. The theme continues with two stunning umbrellas that explore the iconic images spread throughout the show's unique visuals, and echoes its title sequence.

      Sherlock Skyline Umbrella

      London is as much a character in the series as Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, Molly Hooper, and Mary Morstan: the Sherlock Skyline Stick Umbrella features this instantly-recognisable skyline arching around the 23"/58.4cm canopy. The design is intricate but simple, recalling the events of A Study in Pink (2010), the programme's first episode. Not only is Sherlock shown running around the streets of London, silhouettes of the detective and John Watson are also portrayed outside their residence at the heart of the city.

      Iconography and London landmarks depicted on the umbrella include Big Ben, the Gherkin, and the Tower Bridge, while it's further adorned with the phrase, "The Game Is On", as well as the Sherlock logo.

      This all unfolds at the touch of a button!

      The Stick Umbrella has a strong durable fibre-glass frame (and its rubber-coated handle is sturdy but soft), so it would even be ideal for Mycroft Holmes to lean on as he strikes a pose.

      Meanwhile, if you're looking for something smaller but nonetheless effective at showing off your fan credentials and keeping you dry, the Sherlock Icons Folding Umbrella is perfect for you. It displays a series of notable emblems from across the show's three seasons, including the "I AM SHERLOCKED" message from A Scandal in Belgravia (2012); a skull based on the print by John Pinkerton that adorned the living room of 221B ; and the violin that the Consulting Detective uses in various episodes.

      Sherlock Icons Umbrella

      These are shown in great detail across a 21"/53.3cm canopy, which opens and closes with the press of a button, located on the comfortable plastic and rubber-coated handle. With a tough fibre-glass frame and aluminium shaft, the folding umbrella comes in a special carry-case also featuring the lock-screen text from Irene Adler's mobile phone.

      It further represents the light and dark world of Sherlock, so is available in both black and grey.

      Grey Sherlock Icons Umbrella

      Sherlock Icons Umbrella

      Sherlock Holmes lives in a world where the divisions between the good and the bad are fluid – indeed, he's described himself as on the side of angels, but asserts that he is not one of them. John Watson might be his friend but the closest thing Holmes will ever get to his own ilk is Moriarty.

      As soon as he started his great game, the world couldn't get enough of Andrew Scott's Jim Moriarty. Just like Sherlock, it seems even death can't stop him. He's the personification of the darkness in the lives of Holmes and Watson, a spider at the centre of a web – a criminal web with a thousand threads, and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances. 

      That's why we have created the Moriarty Scarf, a tribute to the world's only Consulting Criminal...

      The 100% pure silk scarf is covered in a stylish pattern reminiscent of the wallpaper from 221B Baker Street, but finished off with the repeated skull meme. The Sherlock logo and a golden graffiti smiley add a touch of cheeky finesse. This smiley was used as target practise in The Great Game (2010), the episode which first introduced Moriarty in a scheme which led the Westwood-wearing mastermind to tell Sherlock that if he doesn't stop prying, "I will burn you. I will burn the heart out of you."

      Measuring 40 x 190cms, this scarf is digitally-printed, meaning you get fine detail on luxurious silk.

      Just like our previous scarves, this one comes in a presentation box, complete with Sherlock and BBC logos.

      The Sherlock Skyline Stick Umbrella, Sherlock Icons Folding Umbrella, and the Moriarty Scarf will all be available to pre-order by the end of October from our website and Amazon.