Sherlock Scarves

Welcome to our collection of official BBC Sherlock Holmes scarves.

Are you a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan, or have you discovered him through the BBC TV series? Either way, we’re sure you’ll love detail and luxury of each lovingly crafted scarf – and be inspired to try other Sherlock Holmes costume ideas. Now to choose your scarf - the only mystery is which one!

Choose from the stylish woven 221B Jacquard Scarf, the Blue Striped Scarf (an authentic Sherlock scarf replica from ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ and ‘The Empty Hearse’) or a Graffiti Wool Scarf that subtly references Holmes down the years. Each scarf in the collection would make the perfect winter accessory for yourself and for loved ones, as well as an awesome cosplay addition for all the hardcore Sherlock fans!