Doctor Who Season 18 Burgundy (Shorter) Scarf - Official BBC Tom Baker Scarf


The same iconic Doctor Who Season 18 Scarf - at a more manageable size!

Designed by June Hudson at the behest of incoming producer, John Nathan-Turner, the Fourth Doctor's new look debuted in The Leisure Hive. Tom Baker would wear this variation of his iconic outfit in Meglos, Full Circle, State of Decay, Warrior's Gate, The Keeper of Traken, and his swansong serial, Logopolis.

Following the popularity of our longer Burgundy Scarf, this new Season 18 (Shorter) Scarf is made from soft, warm, and lightweight Acrylic Chenille. The accompanying carry-case makes this perfect for collectors, casual fans, and cosplayers.

  • 25 x 195 cm (excluding tassels)
  • Made from premium quality Acrylic Chenille that feels super soft
  • Comes in a specially-designed carry case, ideal for storage
  • Free UK delivery

90 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Our 90 day money back guarantee means that if you’re not 100% happy, you can simply send it back and receive a full refund - with no questions asked!

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