Official Doctor Who Christmas Scarf and Hat Available Now! November 4, 2016 10:07 - Maninder Sahota


Get in the Christmas spirit with two new Doctor Who products from us - and members of our VIP Fan Club get 15% off!

Since 2005, Doctor Who has been the jewel in the crown of BBC1's Christmas Day schedule, and the show makes a welcome return this December after a brief hiatus. To celebrate, we are releasing a TARDIS and Daleks Christmas Scarf, and a knitted Hat with the same exclusive pattern.

Doctor Who Christmas TARDIS and Dalek Scarf                   Doctor Who Christmas TARDIS and Dalek Hat

Both scarf and hat are made from 100% premium quality Acrylic, so are soft and warm.

You've got to feel sorry for the Doctor: every time he tries to enjoy the festivities, he instead has to battle an assortment of his greatest enemies like the Master, Cybermen, and – of course – the Daleks. He even defended a town called Christmas on Trenzalore for over a thousand years...

Make sure a loved one's Christmas is a lot merrier with this exclusive design featuring the TARDIS, the Daleks, and snowflakes – or is that the Great Intelligence in its original form? It's topped off with some killer Christmas trees, just like those used by the pilot fish in The Christmas Invasion (2005) and The Runaway Bride (2006)!

The Doctor certainly has a penchant for hats: A Stovepipe satisfied the Second; the Fifth and Seventh perfected the Panama; and the Eleventh favoured a fez. We lose most of our heat through our heads (which is a particular problem for the Aplans of Alfava Metraxis!), so Christmas Hat is a perfect accompaniment for the Scarf, something we're sure even the trigger-happy River Song would approve of.

We're also offering 15% off the Christmas Scarf and Hat at the time of launch for our Doctor Who Fan Club – but there's limited stock put by for members, so register now to avoid disappointment."

You can sign up to the Fan Club for free here, and as soon as you signup you will get code to get 15% discount. All existing members will get email from us with discount code. Fans will also be the first to be notified of upcoming products and from 2017 we are planning to give free Doctor Who goodies to members of the Doctor Who Fan Club.